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Tom Resing October 29th, 2010

I’m now blogging on a SharePoint 2010 Foundation Site hosted at

Notes from Heather Solomon at SASUG

Tom Resing May 1st, 2008


The San Antonio SharePoint Users Group (SASUG) hosted Heather Solomon at this month’s meeting. If you haven’t seen Heather in person, she’s a SharePoint branding expert and excellent speaker. There are some excellent resources on her website, as well.

I’m posting highlights from my sparse notes. SASUG attendees, please add comments with your notes, to fill in the holes.

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Outlook 2007 makes SharePoint 2007 easy

Tom Resing April 17th, 2008

    Did you know that Microsoft’s 2007 versions of Outlook and SharePoint have some great new connections when working with calendars? If not, you might take a minute to read through View and update a SharePoint calendar on MS Office Online.
    The SharePoint connection to Outlook goes way beyond the Calendar. Did you know that you can read and post to Discussion Groups from Outlook? Even if you’ve never created Tasks in Outlook, you might consider it now. With the new versions only of these products, you can edit SharePoint Task lists in Outlook. Contacts work in a similar way and also synchronize with your SharePoint server Tasks.
    Have you ever needed to edit a Word doc you stored in SharePoint on a plane? If you had connected your Document Library to Outlook before the flight, you could.
   For more on how to take advantage of these features and others, including Picture Libaries, check out SharePoint and Outlook articles on Office Online or these resources from other sources:

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Other SharePoint Conference 2008 Blogs

Tom Resing March 6th, 2008

While watching Dustin Miller’s SharePoint Designer session this morning, I found quite a few other bloggers from Dustin’s SharePoint Blogs site.

Seen more blogs on the conference? Let me know.

Tuesday highlights from Seattle

Tom Resing March 4th, 2008

Some highlights from Seattle:
  • Microsoft GEAR Up offers a downloadable BUZZ kit for SharePoint adoption with Training Resources
    • I liked their suggestion that the “power of 5″ works for SharePoint Adoption. If you roll out to 200 people, 5 loud proponents within the business may be all you need to kickstart adoption.
  • FAST provides a .Net API and web parts they demoed in SharePoint. They were highlighting “zero keyword search” and faceted search.
  • The Community Kit for SharePoint team announces the immenent release of Enhanced Wiki Edition Beta 3 this summer
    • In addition, an updated version of Beta 2 will be posted soon. Beta 2 includes enhanced markup in addtion to discussion and table of contents

Search Server Keynote Demo

Tom Resing March 3rd, 2008

One demo today was the Contoso Rocks site with intranet and public website components. Some key elements:
  1. Federated Search in Search Server Express
    • Right hand pane results on the same keywords were returned from Live Search and Symantec Enterprise Vault
  2. Free intranet and internet search
    • Intranet search looked like WSS v3 plus Search
    • Public site search was provided by the CodePlex webparts reference in the previous post
  3. FAST integration
    • FAST engineers have already started integrating with SharePoint
    • sold as the leading Enterprise Search with some really cool demos

Live from Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2008

Tom Resing March 3rd, 2008

I’m blogging live from Microsoft’s 2008 SharePoint Conference in Seattle. Bill Gates just finished delivering his keynote. During the keynote, there were a number of interesting announcements including the following:

How much HD is necessary?

Tom Resing February 3rd, 2008

HDTVNo, this isn’t related to SharePoint, but it’s a topic of the day. Do I need HDTV and if so, how much?

To baseline my goal, I’m happy with my 35″ standard definition CRT tube TV. I’m estimating a 37″ widescreen would be the equivalent because of the diagonal measurements.

So say I’ve decided on a size. What about the whole 1080p versus 1080i versus 780p decision? Wikipedia has something to say on the 1080p matter. Even better the wiki pointed me to an article titled 1080p Does Matter. Nice article with great charts on viewing distance and in depth criticisms and responses in the comments section. If this guys right, 1080p matters. If you’re sitting 10 feet away from your 80″ screen.

Unless I find better info, I see a nice 37″, high contrast ratio, 780p widescreen in my future.

(TV photo by Eduardo García on Flickr)

Certification Second Chance

Tom Resing January 5th, 2008

Register for the Microsoft Second Shot offer between September 15, 2007, and January 30, 2008, and receive a free Second Shot at passing the exam if you do not pass on your first try.

Update: January 26th, Microsoft has extended the deal through the end of June!

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